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Travel Awards

Congratulations to the two winners of the TCU English and TCU History Graduate Student Travel Awards, Preeshita Biwas and Audrey Bransfield!

The BWWA makes supporting graduate student and contingent faculty conference participation a priority. To aid in that endeavor, the BWWA grants travel awards to four BWWC attendees each year – three graduate students and one contingent faculty member. If you are interested in applying for a travel award in order to supplement your funding for BWWC 2020, please visit the BWWA website ( for further information. Applications are due January 17.

To qualify for a BWWA travel grant, applicants must:

• Be currently enrolled as full-time graduate students;

• Be currently employed in non-tenured, part-time, or adjunct positions; or

• Have completed their doctorates within the last ten years and be unaffiliated with any university.

Please submit the following information as an attachment to Courtney A. Hoffman ( by January 17, 2020:

• A copy of your conference proposal

• A brief cover letter specifying:

– Award being applied for: Graduate Student Travel Award or Independent Scholar/ Contingent Faculty Travel Award

– Information regarding your previous affiliation with the BWWA

– Anticipated travel distance

– Any other pertinent details of employment.

Submission Directions:

• All of the application documents should be part of one single attachment file.

• The attachment should be a MS Word doc or Adobe pdf.

• The file name should start with the applicant’s last name (ex. smith_bwwcapp.doc).

• The subject line of the email should indicate:

– Award being applied for: Graduate Student Travel Award or Independent Scholar/ Contingent Faculty Travel Award

– Period that best fits the project: early to mid 18th-century, late 18th-century to early 19th-century, mid 19th-century to early 20th-century

Additionally, the Department of English and the Department of History at Texas Christian University will award two travel grants in the form of paid hotel accommodations for one graduate student in English and one graduate student in History. If you are interested in being considered for one of these travel awards, please send a short email to by January 17 expressing your interest and departmental affiliation. Final decisions will be made based on the previously submitted proposals.